Strategic advice isn’t about one size fits all solutions. It’s tailor-made.

Strategic advice drives the resolution goals of each case. Drawing together the interest of the client and the constellation of relationships between the insured, brokers, and insurers in an international market requires both a legal and business perspective.

Our informed strategic advice is the differentiator that sets the firm apart from others.

We utilize a triage approach to evaluate an exit strategy early on. A case usually falls into one of three general categories:

  1. Dispositive Motion. The file can be disposed of on a motion to dismiss, judgment on the pleadings, or motion for summary judgment after essential discovery.
  2. Settlement. The file may present the risk of an adverse verdict and has settlement value. In this scenario, the file is managed to bring the plaintiff’s view of settlement value in line with the defendant’s view.
  3. Marked for Trial. Some cases are marked for trial because they (a) involve novel legal claims or are test cases, (b) have significant damages but no liability, (c) could expose the client to other lawsuits and additional liability if not litigated and won, (d) are fraudulent claims, or (e) have facts favorable to the client where there is a strong likelihood of success.

During the life of the case, we make sure we understand the clients’ business concerns and provide dynamic representation to best serve their immediate and long-term goals.Our perspective is always to fight to win. We aim to do so smartly, with finesse and integrity.


We’ve worked hard to create and maintain a protected environment where our attorneys can nurture and exercise creativity, independent thinking, and common sense.

Our strength as a law firm lies in the diversity of our practice, which grounds our work and perspective. We are committed to pro bono and charitable activities and welcome the opportunity for our lawyers to serve in their communities.

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