Our Values

For the past four decades, we’ve been delivering smart claims advice and legal representation for insurers and their insureds based on our core values.


Communication is multi-dimensional and must be timely, professional, and transparent. Effective communication promptly informs the client and seeks her advice as a matter is handled. Within our ranks, open communication fosters team work and shared information so that the best-informed decisions can be made.


Excellence in representation requires thoughtful understanding of the scope of retention, thorough investigation of the facts, and skillful handling of the legal issues. Excellence pays attention to detail, never leaves anything to chance, and takes nothing for granted.


Acting with integrity is the measure of a lawyer’s character and the highest aspiration of the firm.  It informs our interaction as faithful stewards of the law and is reflected in diligent work, honest reporting, genuine relationships, and the trustworthiness of our advice and advocacy.


The firm’s time and advice have value when scholarship is embedded in our work. That means asking hard questions, digging beneath the surface, and finding the answers. Scholarship identifies the resources that will make a difference and captures them on behalf of the client.

Strategic Advice

Strategic advice drives the resolution goals of each case. Drawing together the interests of the client and the constellation of relationships between the insured, brokers, and insurers in an international market requires both a legal and business perspective. Our informed strategic advice is the differentiator that sets the firm apart from others.

Excellence and mutual respect are cornerstone principles of our firm culture.

We’ve worked hard to create and maintain a protected environment where our attorneys can nurture and exercise creativity, independent thinking, and common sense.

Our strength as a law firm lies in the diversity of our people and practices, which grounds our work and perspective. We are committed to pro bono and charitable activities and welcome the opportunity for our lawyers to serve in their communities.


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